Sunday, July 29, 2012

Straight from Steve 5

Good evening everyone. I finally have a few minutes to update everyone since Tammy, Chloe and Baby Liam are all asleep in his room…it’s a precious sight. Anyway, the day started out as any other day. I headed to the hospital at 9am since the dressing changes were not planned to start until 10:30am. My goal was to get there an hour or so early to speak to the doctors about adding the Zantac that a bunch of people had mentioned giving to him before the dressing changes.  But once I got there, Liam’s nurse informed me that the PT department decided to come early today and that the dressing changes were already done. She also made the comment to me that they were able to get the changes done in record time. What normally takes 2-3 hours with my help they were able to do in 45 minutes without me. Needless to say I was a little concerned at how they pulled this off and of more of a concern was the fact that they did it without even giving us a courtesy call. 

I went into his room with the nurse, only to find my beautiful butterfly was a MESS! (I am including a picture of what I found when I arrived) His left leg was not wrapped up to his thigh as it always is and there is a good size area that was left exposed to the air and open for infection. The gauze was not even up past his knee which is just lazy and sloppy. His back and torso were really dry. Not even a drop of Aquaphor was put on him.  And when I tried to touch him my gloves were sticking to his skin. At this point I am extremely PISSED!

I called for the charge nurse, who took one look at him and turned right around and called the PT department back to his room. Can you believe the PT tech that did the work on him had the nerve to walk in the room and try and tell me that "This is not the way I left him." Now mind you, the nurse who was there said that PT had just left 10 minutes earlier. I asked her why she failed to even roll the gauze up high enough to cover the rest of the wounds and she told me she did, but LIAM must have undone it! So I asked her to show me where the gauze is in his bed that LIAM must have removed and all she could say is “I don’t know.”

So now I am supposed to believe this 9 day old baby waited for the PT to leave the room, sit up on his own, unroll his dressing, remove the adaptic dressing, wipe himself clean of Aqauphor and then find a way to make it to the garbage and hide the evidence? But it gets better…I left the room and explained to PT that I would be back shortly and I expected it to be right and I would be inspecting it once they were done. Surprise, surprise, when I got back they were gone and now Tammy was with me.  I looked at Liam and handed him to Tammy to hold, only to find out that the only thing Liam is laying on is a pillow case that had his own blood all over it! They didn’t even take the time or tell someone that all this blood was under him or tell someone that this baby was laying in all this! I AM SO UPSET right now and cannot wait until the morning to see the supervisor of the PT department.

Feel free to chime in and tell me what everyone thoughts are as to what I should do.

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