Liam's mom is part of a special group of friends who have gone through many pregnancies together.  We met in 2008 through an online website called as we were expecting the births of our November 2008 babies.  We were a part of a very large group of thousands of people. However, we found that we had a special connection as a small group and broke off to be together with about 40-50 of us.  Since then the group has broken off into even smaller groups, however, many of us have remained friends to this day. We talk daily, we understand each others struggles and happinesses. And in this case, we understand the heartache being felt by our friend Tammy and her family at the birth of their new baby boy Liam.  Though many of us have never met in person, we have a very strong bond. That bond allows us now to work for Liam, to create a world where he and his family are supported and know that they are loved and have us and others to call upon in their time of need.  Please join us in helping this family. <3

Raven Meeks (daughter of Erica Meeks, one of our Nov 08 moms group, an organizer of the Little Liam's Lambs), Tammy, Liam, and Chloe on July 25, 2012 during a visit at the Chldren's Hospital.

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