Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Need to vent!

Day 19 Log of my life in NICU: FIVE huge security guards escorted Steve and a slew of doctors and nurses away from the Plastic Surgery resident who was so rude, arrogant and clueless last week and was supposed to be told to NEVER show up in our room again.  Well, he did…TWICE today! Steve was about to go postal on him (hence the 5 security guards needed).

Then a few hours later…I'm cleaning up puke from Steve back in our room while Chloe is hugging my leg wanting to know why daddy is laying on the bathroom floor, THEN just 30 minutes ago I wake up because I am soaking wet!  You guessed it…Chloe had an accident and PEED all over the bed we were in.  So I get up and start stripping the bed and ask Steve to go downstairs to get more sheets, etc. He comes back to tell me that the lady is bringing them and he is going to walk across the street to the VA hospital because he has tightening in his chest.

UGHHHHHHH why can my life just not be simple? I am past frustration, past scared, past upset, past anger. I am just 100% literally tired of all this crap and just want my baby boy to be healed up so that we can take him home and everyone can just go back to being their normal, regular self.  Whatever the hell that means at this point!!!!!

RANT over- on to day 20 of my life in the NICU.


Steve is back now with anxiety medications.  They just gave him fluids and medications for his stomach, nerves, etc., so he is sleeping now. He will be ok if he can just keep his blood pressure down and anxiety level down.

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