Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Straight from Steve 9

Good evening everyone, not going to be a long post. We did get a new neonatologist this morning since all the doctors in the unit do 2 week rotations. On a good note, tomorrow afternoon we are finally getting our consult with the Plastic Surgeons.  We have been waiting for this now for 10 days. No closer to being able to use the sheep skin on his bed yet. This has turned out to be a 7 day conquest, for some reason the hospital thinks that they will not be able to clean his sheep skin to the point that no bacteria will be left on it with only a washing machine.

Also they have started giving Liam some kind of a fancy pacifier type thingy but he’s not crazy about it at all. I think he used it for maybe 30 seconds the whole day, just didn’t care for it. They did go ahead and up his morphine, actually they doubled it just for his dressing changes. Liam did scream his head off still today during changes but only for about 15 minutes of it instead of 1 hour straight.

On somewhat of a disappointing side Liam did start getting a small area on the top of his head where some new lesions are starting to form. I am attaching a picture of it for all to see. We are just hoping and praying that it stays small. He also has what appears to me to be blood shot eyes. Looks just like mine did many a morning when I was much younger after a long night of  But, the NICU doctors think it might be from the birth canal, but I am not sure because I think if that’s the case it’s been 13 days and I would think it would have cleared up by now. Not sure about this one so I will have to do some research and if any of you ladies out there saw this in your kids when they were born let me know how long it lasted.

For the most part, Liam slept the day away very comfortable and was very happy when he was awake for feeding times and let me tell you, if you are not ready with that bottle when he first wakes up he is definitely going to let you know how mad he is! This boy has got a set of lungs on him. Anyway, that’s about all I got for tonight. I think tomorrow will be a better day and hopefully I will have some new information to pass along. As always we thank all of you for listening and spreading the word of Liam’s fight to the rest of the world. Good night once again from Memphis.


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