Monday, August 6, 2012

Doctor Heart to Heart

Thank you all for following and praying for my beautiful little man. We had another heart to heart with the head doctors, administration, nursing supervisors, etc. today to discuss some more concerns that have arisen in the last few days. They have agreed to give us the nurses we choose (so we told them the ones we wanted and who knows how to follow simple rules). 

After the meeting I think that the doctors and directors knew that we are not kidding and are going to bend over backwards to make Liam the King of that hospital. They all said that he is an exception to every rule so that from now on instead of going by "standard protocol" they are going to do things differently for him (like no more residents, only attending physicians, a set of rules that Steve and I put together and had to approve for his care, etc.)

Also, out of this meeting they are going to be retraining their nurses about certain things that we told them has been happening. So hopefully this is the last heart to heart we have to have with these people because if we have to have another, there is going to be a lawsuit or something!

Anyway, my little guy is gaining weight and pooping like he is competing for an Olympic medal. He is becoming more alert and is getting cuter with each passing day. Hopefully these are the things that we can stay focused on as his wounds heal up. Thank you all for keeping him in your prayers and thinking about him.

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