Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spread the word

We are excited to announce that our LLL bracelets have come in!  They are red in honor of EB awareness and include the words “Little Liam’s Lambs” with a butterfly image.  On the inside is the blog address so you always know how to lead people to Liam’s story.  Bracelets are being sent to those who donate at least $10 through the fundraising site found at the top of the blog (send an email through any of the sites – blog, fundraising, or Facebook, or directly to Erica at to get your bracelets).

Also, there are a couple of other fundraising and awareness events coming up:

August 18, 2012
· Cane Creek Bottom · Blue Mountain, Mississippi
Events include food, drinks, entertainment and PONY RIDES!  Come and help spread the word of Liam’s story and support the family.  Hoping to have bracelets available at the event for donations.

September 29, 2012
· Bumpus Harley Davidson  ·
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
If you ride a motorcycle please be there at 9am for our benefit ride. It will be great and we will get you back in time to see the band and enjoy some food. If you do not ride come out anyway and enjoy our food, drink, and live music performed by Zone Status!!! Bracelets will also be available at the event.  Let’s have a great turnout to support this adorable baby and his amazing family.

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