Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pure Bliss

It was just me and my two beauties all day at the hospital (daddy went home for some other important stuff).  Besides the 800 poop diapers I had to change this is what my day was...PURE BLISS!

I woke up snuggled next to my little princess and then we got to eat lunch together and then after lunch I sat in a chair holding Liam close to my heart while big sister sat next to me in the chair and we watched some Barbie fairy movie --- heaven couldn't be more perfect than that.

I got some precious snuggle time with both of my beautiful babies and tonight my heart could not be happier or fuller knowing that both of my babies are so loved and so content when they are next to mommy. Life is good when you focus on the wonderful blessings and I definitely have those blessings tenfold!

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