Friday, August 3, 2012

Need to move on out

So, we got a new dermatologist as most of you know, and he flew up a specialist yesterday to take a look at Liam. She was very sweet, helped out a lot, and she was in agreement with us that we need to get the heck out of Lebonheur. Also we had a resident from the plastic surgery group yesterday and an ophthalmologist for his eye issue. ophthalmologist said to wait another 7 days and see what it looks like then.

As for the Plastic Surgeons resident…well he turned out to be a complete jerk! We are firing them tomorrow for so many reasons. He came into the room yesterday and started snapping pictures of Liam without saying a word to us at all.  The nurse popped up and told him he should ask us for permission before he just starts snapping pictures. Well the little @#$%^& had the nerve to turn and look me in the eyes and tell me that he didn’t need our permission to take any pictures of our son! So needless to say he will be fired in the morning.

Um let’s see…caught the nurse yesterday morning trying to give Liam Morphine at 7:30am …about 6 hours before he was due a dose. Just one more reason why we got to get out of the place with him!
The dermatologist is trying to contact a doctor in Nashville that he knows that handles EB patients and has seen a bunch of them to see if we can come to Vanderbilts Hospital with Liam to try and move things along.

The big man is eating really well and is happy in nature other than the dressing changes. They got him a big boy crib today because the doctors were worried he was going to fall out of that little square box they were keeping him in. The lesion on the top of his head has gotten a bit bigger and now he has something developing on his right upper arm. It looks like a whole bunch of small raised dots and we’re treating it as EB. The NICU doc has ordered some skull x-ray as she said it looks like his forehead is too small. I know most of you have seen pictures of the big man by now and I can’t see what they are talking about, but what do I know? We have an early morning meeting with the dermatologist doctors, so I’m going to try to get out of here shortly.  I know several of you have commented on EB docs that you like, so if it’s possible, please send me another private message with your referrals again as I get so many messages a day it’s impossible to find the information.

Thanks again for everything all of you have done for my family we could never thank you guys enough. Good night from Memphis and GOD BLESS.

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